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Our Services

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PupCulture Doggy Daycare caters to the needs of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Our diverse offering ensures that your pup is cared for by passionate staff, and have all of their needs met through structured activities and our additional services.


  • Drop-off from 7:30am Monday to Friday.

  • Individualized zones for dogs of similar temperament and size to play and socialize.

  • Interactive group play-time with dogs and staff.

  • One-on-one interaction and cuddles with staff.

  • Quiet time for relaxation and naps.

  • Scheduled meal times for dogs who need them.

  • Pick-up from any time until 6pm.


  • Grooming services are available to all daycare dogs and must be booked in advance.

  • Our experienced groomer offers in-house washes and nail clipping.

  • Drop-off and pick-up full grooming service available with one of our affiliated groomers.


  • Overnight stays available to daycare dogs over long weekends.

  • Warm, comfortable beds provided for each dog.

  • Around-the-clock supervision and companionship.

  • Scheduled meal times, interactive playtimes, and quiet times.


  • Controlled social walks available with daycare packages or booked as an added extra.

  • 1-hour long training walks can be booked with our canine behaviourist. 

  • All walks take place in a safe locked & fenced nearby park under constant supervision.




Geriatric care for the older less playful doggos.


Behavioural consults can be booked directly with Verushka.


Yearly photoshoots and class photos.


Shop a variety of fleece dog tug toys and blankets, as well as Dog Matters raw food.