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Doodle, Heather's furbaby

Dogmatters Raw Food
Dog supply Store


Pupculture stocks a variety of brightly coloured fleece dog tug toys and blankets. All the types of items we stock are tried and tested on the dogs in daycare for durability, appeal and enjoyment.


Additionally we stock an assortment of training treats and stuffed hooves. All of our own brand treats are made from fresh, high quality ingredients in appealing flavours like peanut butter and liver.

Dog Grooming


We offer a pick up and drop off service to all dogs attending daycare at Jeni's pet Parlour on Dean Street for all of your dog grooming needs. Bookings must be made arranged from up to a week earlier as this parlour is highly popular and is often busy.

We now bring you an amazing raw food option!

We stock all flavors of Dogmatters raw food.

RAW is an acronym for RAW APPROPRIATE FOOD
The Dogmatters RAW Diet mimics the natural diet of our dogs by using biologically appropriate raw foods consisting of  meat, organ meat, bones, fruit and vegetables.

Quite simply nature did not intend for dogs to eat cooked food, their ancestors hunted and killed their food. Nature's balanced and nutritious diet was delivered by eating the entire carcass.

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