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About the Creche


Pupculture is a home away from home for your canine family members of all ages and sizes when you are working or running errands. It is an interactive environment including a custom made swimming pool and ball pit to satisfy both the mental and physical energy demands of any dogs. Dog play areas are fully astroturfed with sponge flooring, sporting large dog beds for tired dogs to curl up in. 


Dogs are seperated in play areas based on size as well as energy levels to ensure that your dog is not overwhelmed. All members of staff are trained in canine first aid, and keeping your dog safe while you are away is the first priority. In addition the dogs are never left unsupervised, but kept entertained by our dog loving employees. 


Visits are welcome by appointment to see if this is the right fit for you and your dog.



Why choose doggy daycare? 


Doggy Daycare eliminates many destructive or harmful behaviours associated with a dog being left at home for long periods of time. Through mental and physical stimulation in a controlled environment like Pupculture, behaviours like barking, chewing and over-excited displays when you arrive home will no longer be a problem. 


Doggy Daycare is effective in reducing seperation anxiety in dogs as it allows dogs to no longer associate being away from their family with loneliness and boredom, but rather a fun place that focuses on play. 


Not only will doggy daycare help your dog, but it has a significant effect for the owner as well. Visits to the parlour can be booked while the dog is in daycare

making sure your dog does not have to sit for long periods

of time while you come to fetch them. At the end of a

long day at work you will come home to a well exercised

dog, not a dog that needs to be immediately exercised.

Additionally it decreases any guilt or anxiety associated

with leaving adog alone at home as you know they are

well cared for and safe.

About the Trainer


Verushka Pillay is a dog behaviourist certified in advanced canine first aid, dog training and socialisation though Thinking Pets and Canine Communications. Additionally she has trained under Nicole Alers at the Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic in Claremont at the Animal Antics training school.


Verushka has had a lifelong love for animals, in particular dogs. She has volunteered, trained and worked at various animal shelters for the past 8 years, including Kitty and Puppy Haven in Johannesburg and Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) and the Animal Anti-Cruelty League in Epping. Pupculture Doggy Daycare is the product of her passion for animal welfare, education and hard work. 



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